Photo: Satu Touru

"I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul." 

Jean Cocteau

I have had domestic cats since I was a teenager. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to keep cats anymore when I met my spouse, because of his severe cat allergy. Coincidentally, I spotted an article of hypoallergenic cat breeds. We discussed a lot about risks, but still, we decided to take a chance. Soon we got ourselves a new family member, a siberian cat Igora Celeste, "Elli". There wasn't any allergy symptoms, and we were infatuated with Elli. Surprising even myself, soon I was planning on breeding those charming cats!


"One cat just leads to another." 

Ernest Hemingway

FIFé approved my cattery name Beluhan (Beluha's) on July 2019. Beluha is the name of the highest mountain in Siberia, Russia, and by that name I wanted to show respect for the origin of the breed. 

The cattery is located in our home in Lappeenranta, Finland. Cats are our family members even after the actual breeding. Litters are carefully planned and there will not be litters very often, because of very moderate number of cats. Breeding cats will be tested both for viral deseases (FeLV and FIV) and for inheritable deseases (HCM). Still, one must realize no breeder can guarantee 100 % healthy cats. Our aim is to breed healthy, friendly cats with lovable nature, not forgetting standards and beauty.


"Time spent with cats is never wasted." 

Sigmund Freud

We have two children, so the kittens are accustomed to children and sometimes even loud noises. I don't approve letting cats go out by themselves, and I expect the same from the new owner, too. Of course, cats are recommended to go outdoors with a harness or in a catio if it is possible. Cats sold as pets need to be sterilized. Cats sold as show cats aren't obligated to go shows, but if the new owner is interested  I'm willing to give my support. I'm not an expert myself, yet, but I help where I can.


"People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around."

Susan Easterly

If you got interested in our siberian cats, write me an e-mail and ask for more details! I would be more than happy if there were descriptions of the kitten's new home and family in the letter, not just requests for the price. Also, I would like the new family to visit us before the kitten is handed over if possible. There is going to be a deposit to reserve a kitten. If the breeder withdraws the reservation, the deposit is returned. 


Our kittens will be when handed over

  • at least 14 weeks old and weigh at least 1 kg (2,2 lbs) 
  • vaccinated, dewormed
  • checked by a vet
  • microchipped, having an animal passport
  • registered in FIFé (Finnish cat association SRK)
  • socialized, house-trained, accustomed to e.g. nail cutting and brushing, pampered and spoiled in many ways

With a kitten you will receive

  • guidance how to take care of the kitten
  • a small starter package of food and some other utilities
  • if you are interested, a gift membership to Finnish siberian cat association (Suomen Siperiankissat ry) or Finnish cat club (Suomen rotukissayhdistys/Surok)
  • breeders support and assistance for the whole cat's lifespan

Kitten photos: Satu Touru