Our cats

"There's no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat."

Wesley Bates 


We have one adult female in our cattery at the moment, Igora Celeste a.k.a. Elli. 

CH FI*Igora Celeste "Elli"

SIB fy 24, golden tortie spotted

d.o.b. 31st of October 2018

FeLV/FIV negative, blood group A

HCM negative., PKD normal (11/2019)

Pedigree PawPeds ja OmaKissa

Cat Shows:

  •  10.11.2019 Urk/Askola, class 7 (CH): EX1 CACIB, judge Juan José Martinez Vizcaino (ES)
  • 9.11.2019 Urk/Askola, class 9 (open): EX1 CAC CHAMPION, judge Miroslaw Skotarczyk (PL)
  •  15.9.2019 Ery-Syd/Helsinki, class 9 (open): EX1 CAC, judge Marjatta Koskenkangas (FI)
  • 14.9.2019 Ery-Syd/Helsinki, class 9 (open): EX1 CAC, judge Olga Komissarova (EE)
  • 8.6.2019 Ery-Syd/Helsinki, class 11 (junior): EX1 NOM, judge Minna Krogh (DEN)

FI*Beluhan Angelina "Maikki"

SIB n 24 (SIB f 24?) black tabby spotted

D.o.B. 26th of January 2020

Maikki is Elli's daughter from litter A, and our future breeding female


Titan Amavi*PL "Taisto"

SIB ns 22, black silver classic tabby

D.o.B. 08.12.2019

Taisto came to our cattery from Poland, and he is our future breeding male.


A-litter was born 26.01.2020, all kittens are in new homes.