Litter C

Date of birth 27.5.2021


FI*Beluhan Angelina f 24 & Titan Amavi*PL ns 22

Challenger boy d 22 - in a new home

Cheyenne boy ds 22 - in a new home

Catalina girl f 24 - in a new home

Litter B 

Date of birth 14.12.2020 


IC FI*Igora Celeste SIB fy 24 & Flor Dostoyanie Sibiri SIB n 23

Billy Talent "Vili" n 24 -in a new home

Benjamin Button "Aarno" d 22 -in a new home

Betty Boop "Olga" n 24 -in a new home

BonBon Beatrice "Beata" f 24 -in a new home

Bella Berenika "Vera" f 24 -in a new home

Big Bopper "Onni" n 24 -in a new home

Litter A

Date of birth 26.01.2020


IC FI*Igora Celeste & IC FI*Cherrytail's Faramir

Kittens 5 weeks
Kittens 5 weeks

Anastasia f 09 23 -in a new home

Angelina f 24 -stays with us

Anakin d 23 -in a new home

Admiral d 09 24 -in a new home